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We’re on our final approach. While will tinker, build, test and retest our systems, you’ll reap the rewards of being an early adopter.

While the shopping (Earn Miles) and Travel Booking (Go Places) are being completed, you’ll be able to earn Miles by:


Enrolling = 500 Miles

    By simply enrolling, we’ll credit your account with 500 Miles!


Sharing with your friends = 100 Miles Per Referral

    Share your unique URL and earn 100 Miles for everyone that you refer!


BETA Miles = 1 Mile For Everyone That Enrolls After You

    While we’re completing our Beta Phase, we’re giving away 200 Million

    Miles.  As a “Thank you” for being an early adopter and seeing our vision,

    you’ll receive 1 Mile for every single person that joins AirGo after you do…

    until all 200 Million Miles are gone.


Your Chance To Win 1 Million Miles ($10,000 Worth of Travel)

    By simply enrolling you’re automatically enrolled to win 1 Million AirGo Miles.

    Wait.. it gets even better… If you refer someone to AirGo, and they win

    1 Million Miles, so do you!  We’ll be announcing the winners as soon as we’re

    done with Beta Phase.


What's The Catch?


We’ve been asked why we’re being so generous… Two things…


 We want lot’s of Travelers when we officially go live

- and -

 We’d like you to test our systems.

So, to keep your portion of the 200 Million Miles we’re giving away,

we  simply ask two things from you.


1) Help Us Spread The Word by referring at least 2 Travelers.

    Simply share your unique URL.  It’s free and easy.


2) Test our systems. Right before our systems go live, we’ll ask you to test

     10 merchants.  It won’t cost you anything, we just want to make sure all

     is working the way it should.


We’ll keep you updated via email and text as we get closer to full functionality.  When we go live, you’ll have Miles in your account and will be able to use them.

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