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AirGo Miles™ empowers you to travel the world!

Here are just a few ways you can begin to earn!

More Ways To Earn Miles Than You Ever Thought Possible.


 AirGo Miles™ enables you to earn travel Miles doing things you do everyday.

Here’s how you can start earning AirGo Miles™ towards your dream vacation:

You can earn Miles by sharing AirGo with your friends and family. For each person that signs up through your unique referral link, you will earn 100

AirGo Miles™!

Share AirGo with your

Friends & Family

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Visit our website and select the online store where you want to buy from. After you make a purchase, your account will be credited AirGo Miles™.

We've got over 6,000 online merchants already!

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Walk in to a participating retail store, pick out whatever you need, then after checkout your account will be credited AirGo Miles™.

Shop In Store [Available Spring 2020]

Receive AirGo Miles as part of your employer’s benefits package.  You can allocate a percentage of your paycheck towards your AirGo Miles Vacation account, so when it's time for vacation, you'll have Miles to book what you want.

Earn Miles each time you pay one of your bills. Participating merchants allow us to award you Miles as an incentive to pay off your balance each month. Get this... it does not cost you anything extra!

Earn Miles with every Paycheck!

[Available Summer 2019]

Pay Bills & Eliminate Debt [Available Summer 2019]

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Earn Miles when you rack up your FitBit® steps! Join your friends, beat your goals, get fit and earn Miles towards your next vacation! After all... you'll want to go to the beach after you sculpt your beach body!

Fitness Challenge & Gym Memberships [Available Fall 2019]

Our job is to create new ways for you to earn Miles doing the same things you do everyday! We want to make it easy for you to earn Miles so it is even easier to

travel the world! Our

mission is to offer you

new ways to earn

Miles all of the time.

...And Much More!

In Detail, Here's How The Shopping Part Works...

Shop like you normally do. Visit our website and select the store you would like to buy from (Amazon®, Target®, Wal-Mart®, Nordstrom®). As long as you go through us, you’ll be credited with Miles for every purchase you make. You can also shop at participating retailers, in real life!



We track all your purchases. AirGo Miles™ uses tracking links from our site to the affiliate site, where you buy something (Best Buy®, Estée Lauder®, etc.). Then an image pixel or a "postback URL" fires after you make a purchase. Those are notices from the website you made the purchase from. If you are shopping in store, our system tracks your purchases based on the use of your registered Debit or Credit card (No AirGo Miles Card Necessary).



Your Miles are instantly calculated. We receive the information back to us. They let us know how much you spent, then we calculate how many Miles you get.



Miles are deposited into your account. AirGo Miles™ then credits you your Miles as they relate to the purchase you made, (i.e., “Buy a iPad® on Amazon®, earn AirGo Miles™). The process takes seconds to complete, and will usually credit your account within 30 minutes. On some occasions, based on affiliate response times, it may take up to 24 hours to fully credit.



Elite Travelers earn more Miles and Cash. Earn Double Miles, and up to $25 (sometimes ever more) per Traveler you refer. You’ll have so many Miles you won’t know what to do with them, which is why we let our Elite Travelers convert their Miles to Cash.

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