Go Places.

Use your Miles to travel the globe!

AirGo Miles™ work like cash, so there are No Restrictions or Blackout Dates.


Access to 229 airlines worldwide

Operating in 5690 airports

Flights over 180 countries

Now you can go places you’ve

only dreamed of.


Use your AirGo Miles™ to book anything travel related including flights, hotels, cars, and vacations. You can travel anywhere,  at any time,  on any airline.


Our Exclusive Travel Affiliate

Access to over 700,000 hotels worldwide

Hotels in more than 20,000 cities

Largest source of deeply discounted rates - up to 60% off when using your AirGo Miles™.


Access to 18 car brands

Rental cars in 180+ countries

Over 28,000 pick-up and drop-off locations



Access to over 40,000 hotels with discounted package rates

Operating in over 8,000 cities

Add car rentals and insurance packages to all reservations.  (Insurance free for Elite Travelers)

Concierge service is available to Elite Members, day or night.

Access to Private Jets, Exotic Cars, Private Islands, Sporting and Special Events

You can rely on the Concierge to coordinate and take care of your

requests, big and small.


Vacation Packages

Concierge (Elite Only)

AirGo Miles are completely transferable. Travelers may transfer their AirGo Miles to

Whomever you want!

Whenever you want!

Transfer To

Friends, Family, or Co-Workers

Use Your AirGo Miles™ To Book Travel

[Available Summer 2019]

Once you are ready to book a flight, car rental, hotel, or even a dream vacation, you may redeem your AirGo Miles for travel. Just log into the AirGo Miles Travel portal online, choose where you want to go (and anything else you need for your vacation), and book it right then and there. It’s that simple!


Here are just a few examples of what an AirGo Mile can get you.

7,100 AirGo Miles = 2 night stay at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

52,900 AirGo Miles = 3 Day Caribbean vacation at the Westin

124,900 AirGo Miles = 1 day rental of a Ferrari Convertible

22,040 AirGo Miles = Flight from Dallas to Miami

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